Rod Rosenstein Expected To Leave DOJ In Mid-March

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is reportedly planning to leave his post in mid-March. An announcement on a nomination for his replacement could occur as soon as this week. Rosenstein became well known for naming Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate possible Russian interference in the 2016 election. That move would have normally have fallen under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Attorney General, but at the time, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the case early in the investigation.

News of Rosenstein's pending departure comes after President Trump accused him of "illegal and treasonous" actions. The President expressed his views after former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe's admission in an interview on national television that not long after Trump's 2016 election victory he and Rosenstein discussed the possible use of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove Trump from the Presidency.

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham says McCabe's statement warrants an investigation of FBI and Department of Justice officials.

Photo: Getty


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