Florida Man Busted With Ecstasy Pills Shaped Like Trump's Head

Suspected drug dealer busted in possession of ecstasy pills that look like Donald Trump’s head

A suspected drug dealer in Florida is behind bars after deputies discovered five MDMA tablets shaped like President Donald Trump's head in his possession, an arrest affidavit states.

Brendan Dolan-King, 23, was arrested by Pinellas County Sheriff's Department after officers responded to his location for a call about a heroin overdose. Dolan-King reportedly gave officers the OK to go ahead and check his home during their visit which is when they discovered the president-shaped ecstasy tablets hidden in an air vent.

The MDMA pills resemble to ones manufactured in Europe that have elevated levels of MDMA, prompting warnings from authorities overseas for their "high dose" potential.

A subsequent investigation by police revealed Dolan-King "was possibly the person to provide the victim of the overdose with the heroin that he overdosed on."

A lab test confirmed Trump-shaped tablets contained MDMA. Police also discovered a tan powder at Dolan-King's residence which tested positive for fentanyl.

Dolan-King, a Long Island, New York, native, is serving an 18-month felony probation sentence after he was convicted last year for cocaine and pot possession charges, the Smoking Gun reported. Dolan-King was also convicted last year for possession of cocaine, liquid THC, and MDMA that was not shaped like a president's head, but instead took the shape of Darth Vader.

Photo: Pinellas County Sheriff's Office


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