The KEY to COVID-19? ER doctor says this breathing treatment can cure wi...

< br />ER and Primary Care Physician Richard Bartlett says the way hospitals have been telling to treat COVID-19 from the beginning is ENTIRELY nonsensical: patients with symptoms are sent home with Tylenol and told to return when their condition has progressed to "severe." But a severe case sometimes isn't treatable at all. So, Dr. Bartlett began using on patients a anti-inflammatory that directly targets infections in the lungs: a steroid taken with a nebulizer. When it was begun early, some of this patients never developed severe symptoms. One woman, on chemotherapy for two types of blood cancers, began feeling symptom-free within days. This type of breathing treatment has been on the market for 25 years. It's cost effective, and anybody can do it at why aren't more doctors following suit?

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