New Hampshire Today: Interview with Governor Chris Sununu

In an interview with Chris Ryan and Justin McIsaac, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses which COVID restrictions might be removed by this summer, weighs in on HR 1-The For the People Act which is a bill that will change the election process, and calls for a time out before Congress spends $2-4 trillion for an infrastructure bill.

Governor Sununu believes that restrictions for outdoor venues, such as concerts and amusement parks might be removed completely by summer. The mask mandate would also be over once the vaccinations have been made available to everyone who wants to be vaccinated and once the elderly and the most vulnerable part of the population have been protected.

In fact, restrictions could be eliminated within the next few weeks.

HR 1 or The For the People Act has narrowly passed in the House of Representatives and is now being considered by the Senate. This bill would drastically expand voting rights and limit campaign financing.

The Governor objects to the Federal government dictating how elections must be conducted and some of the provisions of HR 1.

“This bill would definitely lead to a lack of accountability in the election system. There is no doubt about that. You don’t have to present an ID anymore to vote.”

Because New Hampshire has such high marks for voter participation and voter confidence in the election process, Governor Sununu doesn’t see how anything HR 1 can do to improve elections in our state.

Before Congress jumps into passing an infrastructure bill that may cost between $2-4 trillion, Governor Sununu asks them to wait until the states and local governments have figured out how to spend the money which they just got from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Governor Sununu is concerned that so much government spending might cause a serious inflation problem for our economy.