On NH Today, Pappas Blames Progressives for Infrastructure Bill Stalling

Congressman Pappas, on why the infrastructure bill wasn’t passed, ”The bill was derailed because a few dozen progressive members of the Democratic caucus that didn’t want to see this voted on until the other bill was dealt with, and I think that’s regrettable.”

In an interview with Chris Ryan, the Representative from the First Congressional District, Chris Pappas expresses his disappointment that Congress was unable to pass the bi-partisan infrastructure bill; believes that compromises in the two infrastructure bills can be negotiated; and tries to explain how spending on the infrastructure bills will not cause higher taxes for the middle class.

Congressman Pappas was disappointed that, due to procedural issues, the bi-partisan infrastructure bill didn’t even come to a vote. The $3.5 trillion bill has passed the Senate and is intended to fund traditional infrastructure projects of roads, bridges, etc.

“The votes are there. We just needed to bring that vote to the floor and send it to the President’s desk.”

If the bi-partisan bill ever gets to the floor of the Congress, Congressman Pappas believes there is enough support from both parties to pass the bill. For now, the progressive wing of the Democratic party is holding up the vote because of their desire to pass the human infrastructure bill.

The Congressman believes that once the traditional infrastructure is passed, then it will be time to address the human infrastructure bill which is part of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

Congressman Pappas supports the goals of the human infrastructure bill which would include extending the child tax credit, tax cuts for working families, and spending for childcare and spending to address climate change.

When he was asked if the wrangling between the moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic party was putting in jeopardy the passing of the whole Build Back Better Agenda, the Congressman said, “Our system only works if people are willing to come to the table and compromise. What has been so frustrating is that for the last several months, is that people have been unwilling to have conversations and hash this out.”

The Congressman believes that the negotiations which are going on now will produce trimmed down versions of the two infrastructure bills. He also accepts President Biden’s and the House Ways and Means Committee’s assessment that the infrastructure bills will not raise taxes on persons making less than $400,000.

Congressman Pappas projects that the spending on the infrastructure bills will be paid for by increased taxes on corporations and the wealthiest Americans. Any cost increases which get passed along to the average consumer would be offset by the tax breaks which are also contained in the bills.

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