Five-Year-Old Quadruple Amputee Preparing For Half- Marathon

A five-year-old girl who defied all the odds after being diagnosed with meningitis when she was just 11-months-old is preparing to run a half-marathon in Bath, England. When Harmonie-Rose Allen contracted meningitis, doctors gave her only a ten percent chance of survival. Meningitis causes inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord and in rare cases can be fatal in just a few hours.

Before the young girl turned one, she was rushed into surgery where doctors had to amputate all four of her limbs. Following her surgery, doctors fitted the young girl with prosthetic legs, and after two years, Harmonie was able to learn how to walk.

In March, Harmonie will join a seven-member team in the half-marathon as they raise money for the charity “Time is Precious." The team will push Harmonie though the 13.1-mile course and they hope that she will be able to step out of her wheelchair and walk across the finish line.

“It is somewhat ironic that we will attempt to push her around when Harms is not the type of person to let anyone push her around,” Hannah Hall, Harmonie-Rose’s aunt, told SWNS. “Some of us have run a half [marathon] before and some of us haven’t — we certainly have not pushed a wheelchair around the whole 13.1 miles. We are also hoping that Harmonie will be able to get out of her chair and run those last few meters with us — steps the doctors said she would never take.”