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How many Americans retire with $1M?

What happens to your estate plan if your state changes the rules?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti dive into the August PCE data and find it had the slowest increase since September 2021. Why do we take out food and energy when dissecting PCE? 85% chance the Fed does nothing at its next meeting. Huawei mate 60 pro chips signal China advances despite sanctions. Todd Lutsky stops by to answer what happens to an existing estate plan when the state you live in changes the rules.

Supporting disabled veterans has never been easier

Mike Armstrong is joined by Mark Voner, CEO of Veterans Development Corporation, and Mike Valila, Department Adjutant for DAV, to talk about the amazing work the DAV and Veterans Development Corporation does to help support local disabled veterans get a job in the community, find appropriate housing, and promote the upcoming DAV 5K at Castle Island on November 11th.

Will Amazon beat the FTC in court?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss if Amazon has a chance to beat the FTC in court and if the retail giant is actually even a monopoly. Want a 6% CD? You have to have $5M. Gen Z is poised to spend more on debt than others. Mark Voner, CEO Veterans Development Corporation, and Mike Valila, Department Adjutant at DAV, joins the show to chat about the upcoming DAV 5K at Castle Island on November 11th. iPhone 15 Pro owners complain about overheating problems. Massachusetts tax relief package has something for everyone (to hate).

What is the economic impact of a government shutdown?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss the economic impact of a government shutdown. UAW threatens more strikes as GM and Stellantis try to keep repair parts flowing. Car sales are slowing. Cas-listing websites are just getting started. Saudi Arabia and Russia win big in gamble on oil cuts. How will the Fed respond to rising oil costs? Logistics companies grow cautious on holiday hiring.

Ask Todd: Gifting assets is more complicated than you think

Todd Lutsky, Cushing & Dolan, shares his understanding of how the Massachusetts tax relief proposal will impact your estate plans. Gifting assets is far more complicated than it seemingly should be. How a trust is drafted is the most important step in estate planning. How can you ensure you don't accidentaly reset your five-year look back period.

Who benefits from the Massachusetts tax relief package?

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti discuss how much savings Americans have left. Who benefits from the latest proposal from Massachusetts lawmakers? Sarah Foster stops by to chat about all the options student-loan borrowers have to alleviate their payment burden. Buy now, pay later plans seen more among 'fragile' consumers. Senators unveil bipartisan funding deal to avert a government shutdown. Jobseekers facing fake postings show trouble with JOLTS report. How much coffee is too much coffee?

Is the FTC wasting time and money suing Amazon?

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti discuss stocks slumping further, with Amazon lawsuit adding recent pressure. The FTC is suing Amazon, alleging illegal online-marketplace monopoly. Massachusetts lawmakers unveil $1B tax relief deal. Todd Lutsky stops by for Ask Todd, where he answers your most important estate planning questions.

Understanding how to budget for retirement travel

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss auto CEO's make 300 times what workers make. Commercial real estate's next big headache is spiraling insurance costs. Your winter holiday travels may finally cost less this year. Many business owners would love it if you stopped using your credit card. ChatGPT can now respond with spoken words. The people behind pickleball are trying to fix the noise.

Could the Fed raise rates to 7%?

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss US consumer confidence fell again in September. Senate nearing bipartisan bid to avert a government shutdown. US risks its top credit rating with shutdown, Moody's warns. Americans finally start to feel the sting from Fed's rate hikes. Jamie Dimon warns 7% Fed rate still possible. Only richest 20% of Americans still have excess pandemic savings. Teetering China property giants undercut Xi's revival push.