Fifth-Grade Girl Involved In School Fight Died Of Natural Causes

Officials in South Carolina have revealed the cause of death of a ten-year-old girl who died following a fight inside her fifth-grade classroom at Forest Hills Elementary School. Prosecutor Duffie Stone says that the medical examiner determined that Raniya Wright died of natural causes after a blood vessel burst in her brain.

He explained that the young girl had arteriovenous vascular malformation,which is a rare birth defect that the Mayo Clinic describes as "an abnormal tangle of blood vessels" that can cause the "affected arteries and veins [to] weaken and rupture."

Stone says that the fight did not cause her blood vessel to burst and suggested that it could have happened at "any time." He says that following the brief "slap fight" Wright did not display any signs of injury, but about ten minutes later she began to complain that her head hurt. She soon lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital where she died a few days later.

Stone says that headaches can be one of the symptoms of the rare condition and that the girl's parents had taken her to the doctor at least six times since February 2017 to seek treatment for her headaches. He added that her last visit to the doctor was just 13 days before the fight.

Stones says that his office will not be filing criminal charges against the other student involved in the fight.

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