Boston Orchestra Finds Child Who Let Out a 'WOW!' After Performance

Few stories will warm your heart like this one after a boy let out a big 'WOW' after a Boston Symphony concert, to the delight of everyone is the concert hall. David Snead, President and CEO of the H+H Society sent out a memo to find the awestruck youth and the internet delivered! 9 year old Ronan has been located!

From MassLive Article:

"Ronan didn’t mean to be disruptive, he told WCRB Boston, explaining that his grandson is on the autism spectrum, and expresses himself in a different way to other people.

“I can count on one hand the number of times that [he’s] spontaneously ever come out with some expression of how he’s feeling,” Mattin said.

Mattin reached out to the orchestra after his sister-in-law saw on television that the Handel and Haydn Society was looking for the ‘wow kid’. The Society has now invited the family, who lives in Kensington, New Hampshire, to meet the artistic director.'

Boston radio station WCRB shared the audio:



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