Harry Potter Escape Room Coming To Portsmouth Library

Now this is cool! The Portsmouth Public Library will be hosting a Harry Potter themed escape room on January 25th with two sessions. There will be a session for children in Kindergarten through fourth grade and another for fifth graders and up. The goal is simple, "Your jealous Muggle cousins have stolen your tickets to the Hogwarts Express! Luckily, you’ve found their hiding spot. Unluckily, the tickets are locked up behind multiple locks. Follow the clues to recover your ticket before the train leaves at 11."

However, both sessions have have quickly filled up since the event has been announced. The Library's Facebook page says "We are so excited to see so much community interest for our Harry Potter Escape Room! At this time, both sessions of the escape room are full, but we look forward to hosting this event again as part of our summer reading program. Stay tuned!"

This seems like the perfect event to challenge young children to read and critically think in order to solve a problem. We do hope they hold more of these escape rooms, they're sure to be a hit even for adults. Adults who grew up reading the books and watching the movies would be all over this.

Photo: Getty Images

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