UK Mansion 'Ghost' Unmasked

An eerie anomaly that some thought may have been a ghost filmed watching  a boy ride his bicycle outside a 19th century mansion has been  identified as a member of the living and not someone residing in the  spirit world. The video, which was shot in the English town of Paignton,  showed a youngster learning to ride his bike outside of a disused  building. The footage found its way into the headlines after the boy's  mother, Louise Lenton, suspected that she inadvertently captured a ghost watching over the parking lot practice.

As we noted at the time, the case was destined to remain in the realm of  speculation unless someone stepped forward to reveal themselves as the  'ghost.' And, as luck would have it, that very scenario unfolded earlier  this week when a worker at the building identified himself as the  person in the window. According an area newspaper,  the 'apparition' in question is a security guard named Alex Warren,  who explained that he'd been simply been watching Lenton's son riding  his bike that afternoon.

Check out the original video where Warren 'played' a ghost and find out more on this rare resolution to a paranormal mystery at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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