On NH Today, Sununu Raises Concerns About Abortion Ultrasound Mandate

Governor Sununu explains why he signed the 2021 budget with its added anti-abortion provisions, “I wasn’t going to veto a $13 billion budget and shut down the government just because I don’t like the process that was used.

In an interview with Chris Ryan, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses where we are in dealing with COVID-19; answers why the 2021 state budget was signed without fanfare; tries to reconcile why he signed the budget despite his Pro-Choice Abortion stance; and talks about whether his political future includes a run for the US Senate in 2022 against Maggie Hassan.

Governor Sununu feels that it is appropriate to celebrate getting through the crisis phase of the COVID pandemic. He believes that we should be thankful for Operation Warp Speed producing three highly effective vaccines in such large amounts more quickly than expected. The National Guard and frontline workers who got us through this should be applauded.

However, despite the fact that the disease seems more manageable now, the Governor is still concerned about the 40% of the population which has not been vaccinated, the possible need for booster shots, and the potential for a fall surge of the Coronavirus.

The Governor feels that it is very important to evaluate how we dealt with the COVID crisis, so we can determine what went well and what needs to be improved if and when another pandemic or crisis comes again.

When he was asked why there wasn’t a signing ceremony for what he, himself, has described as a “transformational budget”, Governor Sununu described item by item what he considers the positive financial aspects of the budget. The controversial abortion riders which were added onto the budget had to be discussed separately with the Governor.

Governor Sununu is opposed to the practice of adding riders to the budget, especially when it’s a controversial topic like abortion and should be discussed and voted on separately.

The Governor reiterated that he is pro-choice on the abortion issue, but he would not veto this budget, which he believes has the potential to do so much for the people of New Hampshire, over the late term abortion ban which was added onto it.

Governor Sununu states that he is pro-choice on abortion. However, he believes that there should be limits on late term abortions, which he feels is consistent with the majority of people in New Hampshire. He maintains that the riders were not his idea and that any problems which arise can be tweaked and ironed out over time.

In regard to the questionable requirement of an ultrasound being performed, the Governor was adamant, “I don’t like mandating anything. I think that provision can work; but, if there is a barrier, I’m more than willing to go back and work with people in the legislature to fix it.”

In the final segment of the interview, Chris Sununu expresses the enjoyment that he has in being the Governor of New Hampshire. He is proud of his accomplishments and will not decide about running for the US Senate for “a long time”.

“The state deserves a year without an election. I’ve got a job to do, and we’re just coming out of a pandemic. I’ll let you know when I know.”

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