On NH Today, Gov Sununu Details His Emergency Trip to the Hospital

In an interview with Chris Ryan, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses his recent emergency hospitalization for a bleeding ulcer, criticizes how the Biden Administration has communicated with the American people about important issues like the COVID pandemic, and shares the plans for administering booster COVID vaccinations this winter.

Governor Sununu is out of Portsmouth Regional Hospital and is working from home. The Governor describes how he wasn’t feeling well toward the end of last week and feared that he had COVID.

Fortunately, when his test results were negative, the Governor was checked out by his doctor who determined that Governor Sununu had a bleeding ulcer and was in dire need of blood transfusions.

The Governor was admitted into the hospital on Friday afternoon and discharged on Saturday. A full recovery will require Governor Sununu to maintain a healthier diet, rest, and try to limit stress in the coming months.

This frightening experience has prompted Governor Sununu to take his health more seriously. He admits to having a lifestyle where he subsisted on coffee and chocolate during the day while being constantly on the go from 7 AM to 7 PM and eating a less than healthy meal before going to bed.

Governor Sununu gives a frank observation about why the Biden Administration is so ineffective in connecting with the American people.

“The biggest problem this administration has is communication. Leadership is sometimes giving the bad news. The Afghanistan pull out was a disaster. Everybody knows that. Everybody appears to know that, except them. They know it, but they don’t want to admit it.”

The Governor went on to say that the same communication problem has affected the handling of the COVID pandemic, the economy, and the infrastructure bills.

“They’re more worried about what they want to say, not what the realities of America really are right now.”

In the final segment of the interview, Governor Sununu explained the state’s plans for giving booster shots of the COVID vaccine this winter when a surge of COVID cases is expected.

It is anticipated that COVID will be here indefinitely; and a system, which is similar to the annual flu shot, needs to be in place to distribute annual COVID shots. The Governor anticipates that the health care system—hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies will be able to take do the vaccinations and testing which will be needed in the years to come.

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