Coming Soon to America? Nations Confine, Persecute the Unvaxxed

BUCK: You’ve got Biden mumbling something about Omicron on TV. If he says something worthwhile, we’ll tell you. He’s just saying some numbers. I had it a second ago. He said 72% of all adults, 86% of seniors across the country are fully vaccinated — 86% of seniors, folks. So when we sit here and say, “Hey, we want all the seniors vaccinated,” almost nine out of 10 of them have been vaccinated by the CDC’s own numbers.

So why aren’t we in a better place? They don’t want to deal with it. Now they say you have to get boosters. Well, how? What’s going on? We shouldn’t just move without at least understanding what level of failure we’re dealing with here in the initial policy. Why aren’t we…? A year ago, if you said you’d have 86% of seniors vaccinated — even six months ago — you would have said, “Oh, deaths would be dropping down to maybe a few hundred, a few hundred a month, maybe, something totally manageable.”

It’s a tragedy, but something manageable in society. But instead, Clay and I were just talking about it in the break, right now Michigan… I wanted to say it at the top of the show, but I wanted to make sure I had it clear on the facts. The state of Michigan, I believe, right now has the highest covid rate. Yes, Michigan hits a new record for adult covid-19 hospitalizations, all-time record now.

Biden’s telling us, “Don’t worry! We’ve got this. We’ve got the best scientist, yada-yada, the best vaccines, everything is going to be fine.” Now, I’d like to hear a little bit of positive thinking, but he’s saying all that and we’re going to get extensions of the mask mandates, extension of travel restrictions, all these things that do not work.

It does not work. I don’t care how many fact checks they run, how much propaganda they spew. We have done the things, Clay, they have told us to do. We’ve done it in county after county, state after state. We have Florida right now with… Is it the lowest in the country right now?

CLAY: Lowest in the country.

BUCK: Lowest in the United States — without these mandates, without these mask maniacs running around — and they act like it’s not even happening. They say they’re all about the data. Well, clearly if what they do — if what they tell us to do — worked, it would be a lot closer to what we see in Florida and it’s not, Clay. It’s not about being a doctor. It’s about believing what is before your eyes, what you can see and observe.

CLAY: We told you when Florida and the South were having their surge, which was in July, August, and the very early bit of September… Remember when Fauci said that covid was going feast on college football stadiums. College football stadiums have been full all over the South as covid has plummeted. The reason the South had their issues in June and July — I live here — is it’s hot, it’s humid.

People go inside and they spread the Delta variant during the summer in the South, particularly in Florida which is the hottest of all the states. And what has happened, we told you it’s going to happen. We said this surge is going to hit the Northeast and the Midwest in fall and winter when it gets cold, and people go back inside. It’s exactly what’s happened. A couple of those data points you were talking about.

So 86% of seniors are fully vaccinated. Over 99% of seniors have gotten at least one covid shot. Think about that success rate. People talk about how polarized America is, how many different opinions we all have. Over 99% of people who are 65 and older have gotten at least one covid shot, 86% of them are fully vaccinated. For 18 and up, 83% of Americans 18 and up have gotten at least one covid shot’ 71% are fully vaccinated.

And Buck, of that 17%, 18 and up, that’s not been vaccinated. I’m one of those people; the reason I haven’t gotten vaccinated is I already had covid and recovered from it. How many of those 17% are like me? I would bet a huge majority of that 17% are people that have had covid already.

BUCK: Can I also point out for everybody, the Democrat narrative in this country is essentially — and the Biden narrative. He’s “expanding efforts to vaccinate children” is the headline right now on the news screens as Biden is speaking to the country. There’s no point in joining it live because we know what he’s saying, the same stuff he always says.

Clay, they’re locking down all the unvaccinated in Germany right now. Why are they doing that? Because Germany has high caseloads, high hospitalization. They’ve got a big problem. A lot of these European countries that thought they were going to vaccinate their way out of this are having big problems, and now they’re playing this game of trying to catch up with the boosters. So it’s not an America thing.

They keep acting like it’s only because of Trump and Trump voters that we haven’t beaten this. Our near-peer Western nations also haven’t beaten this thing. Look at Canada. They just had, what, the additional travel restrictions on planes and trains for domestic air travel because they’re having a surge in cases as we go into winter season. So you always bring up Vermont.

Vermont is the most heavily vaccinated state in the country. Vermont’s having all-time high cases. So how long are they going to blame Orange Man Bad and his unvaccinated, unwashed masses before they realize this is crazy? There’s something else going on here. I think we all know what it is. These vaccines do not work as long, as well as they told us they would. I think that has been established.

CLAY: Yeah, and what I would say about this on top of it all is how in the world are they determining in Germany, Buck, who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t? Does the government have a list and an address list where they’re going around basically and notifying people who are in houses, “Hey, we have our eyes on you; you’re not allowed to leave your home”?

BUCK: Did you see the news report out of Australia where they’re saying people fled a quarantine camp — which, now let’s understand, this is the state forcing you into a camp that you’re not allowed to leave for two weeks because you have to quarantine. It’s not even if you have covid necessarily.

CLAY: Just quarantine.

BUCK: Just quarantine. The state is forcing you to do this. “Quarantine” comes from the Italian. I think it was in the Renaissance, for 40 days, they would have a ship. That’s when plague might have been on the ship. Something like when 40% of the people came in contact with it.

They’re putting 14-day-long stays in these camps. Three people left one of these quarantine facilities in Australia and the news stories acted like a couple of serial killers got loose. “Oh, my God, we’ve got to find them before they infect everybody!” It’s not even clear any of them were infected.

CLAY: I just… It’s such a good point. We have this discussion about when is Dr. Fauci — you raised this the first time, when is Dr. Fauci — ever going to say, “That’s a bit too much”?

BUCK: Never.

CLAY: I think it’s a great question.

BUCK: Never.

CLAY: In almost two years now, Dr. Fauci has never said about a government idea related to covid, “Oh, that’s going a little too far.” Putting people in quarantine camps, locking them in their houses in Germany, insisting that the government go around and mandate whether they can leave their homes, Fauci has never said about any of these things that’s too much.

BUCK: He never tells you to calm down. It’s always, “Calm down if you do what we tell you to do.”

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: And it’s whatever we tell you to do. That’s the way it works with Fauci all the time. It’s never just, “Look, everybody, chill out. We’ll get through this. We are going to get through this,” and that’s why you’re here with us.

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